Monday, June 19, 2017

OPNO's Favourite Arabian Style Fabrics by European Designers Pt. 1

 I, of course, love anything "Naz" by Alidad. Blue or red, doesn't matter.
I also find Gubbio in Sage and Salmon to be lovely (also Alidad).
Alidad's "Bosphorus" could be useful.
 Pierre Fray "Les Collines"
Of course, Pierre Fray "Tree of Life".
Pierre Fray "Taj Mahal" in blue.
Pretty much ANYTHING classically Fortuny in velvet or block printed linen.
Home Couture's "Persepolis". I like the melon and the brown and navy, but would love to use the Fig and Taupe. And there's just too many to choose from Martyn Lawrence Bullard (who has the most lovely Irish castle you ever could believe):
"Fez" borders on linen.
 "Sultan's Garden"
"Turkish Ticking"
"Cameroon" (I like it in Beige not Indigo)
"Sinhala" in Pomegranate
"Tokapi" in Sepia
"Sultan's Trellis" in Sepia or Pomegranate
"Algiers" by Robert Kime
"Tashkent" by Robert Kime
"Tansy" in Rust or Indigo by Robert Kime.
"Palmette" in Blue by Richard Kime (reminds me of 12th century Egyptian tiles.)
"Ibrahim" by Robert Kime

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