Monday, June 12, 2017

I bought an Omani old mud house. Why?

So, we bought another house...A mud one. Our relatives do think we are crazy but then, no one we know personally from my husband's region of Oman has fixed one to live in, and let's face cit, I need less bathrooms than most Omani families seem to these days;).

Mostly we did it because it was a really good deal, and even though it needs a lot of fixing it is a chance for me to do a restoration in Omani style (which I have wanted to do for ten years now), and I prefer homes that have character and history.

There was a poor attempt at cementing and painting the mud walls which means we have to re do the mud but that means modern wiring, better lighting, and plumbing can go in. 

Most of the doors are intact but no windows and all the grilles and lots of shutters need replacing. 

However there are two bedrooms on the ground floor along  with a majlis/ living room and I am hoping I can convert the two ground floor stores into a bathroom with a bathtub. There is also three cement rooms and 1 for sure will be the kitchen, the other another majlis/the dining room, and I am thinking to convert the one existing sqatter style cement toilet room into a laundry room. Currently I have noooo idea how possible bathrooms are from an engineering perspective, but the space is there if the access is possible. 

Upstairs is a masterbedroom suite, that has space for a bathroom, a living room, a dressing room, a bedroom, and a spare room.

I want to do mud with flagstone downstairs, and painted ceilings, with mud and palm mats with rugs for the floors up. Anyways, if it all works out I intend to write a book about doing the house, life in the interior, etc... with recipes, and lots eye candy, with myself and husband and kids if my husband will stop being an Omani long enough to be okay with that;). Antiques, nature, adventures, shopping, local Omani life, etc. . Anyways who knows with life but that is the idea for now.;)


mikidi said...

Now that we see the "Before" photos, can't wait to see the "After" ! Good luck and have fun.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Mikidi: your project is way more impressive! I haven't been up there since you finished but I've heard good things. After photos will be a while still. Not gonna bring the engineer till after Eid;).

Lu said...

Love, love the idea! can't wait for the finish result!